Dannie DiIonno

Saving the World by Improving Life

A graduate of the University of Michigan with an Environmental Studies degree, Dannie DiIonno’s passion for a more sustainable world has truly been the guideline of her life.

“My goal has always been to save the world and protect our environment…over 70% of our country’s electricity use is spent on buildings. I know I can make a large impact saving the world and our planet’s resources by making our buildings and communities operate more efficiently.”

Working as the Business Development Specialist in BranchPattern’s Denver Office, DiIonno’s social skills are a key component for her position. She says, “I really enjoy going to conferences and learning best practices in the industry as well as meeting and networking with people.”

As a company that is focused on the human experience of the built environment, BranchPattern endorses a human-centered design approach that comes from our purpose of Improving Life through Better Built Environments. When asked what “Improving Life” means to her, Dannie responded, “When we can directly impact a child’s cognitive function or an employee’s productivity and comfort in the workplace, that’s improving life…Educating our industry about how mechanical systems, lighting, daylight, and thermal comfort all relate to building occupants’ health and happiness.”

When she’s not saving the world, Dannie takes time to enjoy life and finds her inspiration mainly through music.

“Music inspires me. I really enjoy attending concerts with my husband and our friends. The joy I see in people at concerts gives me a sense that there is good in the world and hope in humanity.”