New Lawrence Police Department Stays on Schedule through Pandemic

(Sources: Hoefer Welker, Staff Photo, Jeff Yoder, LJWorld)

In March of 2020, as the pandemic emerged, BranchPattern and Hoefer Welker (HW) were well on the way to planning the new Police Headquarters for the City of Lawrence, Kansas. The City of Lawrence has since cut the ribbon on their new headquarters, but the disruptions of the last year placed the team’s ability to stay connected and on track to the test.

Thankfully, when in-person meetings came to a halt, the BranchPattern/HW team was already collaborating virtually. Driven by a one-firm approach to projects, BranchPattern’s continued investments in technology infrastructure has resulted in a flexible workforce, bringing the most talented teams together, regardless of their proximity.

As a result of this drive and preparation, we passed this unexpected test with flying colors. It was business as usual for the team via the virtual environment, helping the Lawrence Police Headquarters stay on schedule and on budget.

BranchPattern served as the MEPT Engineering, Commissioning, AV, Security, Telecom and IoT for the City of Lawrence, Kansas Police Headquarters.