Patrick LaHue

Industry Camaraderie and a Genuine Company

University of Kansas graduate Patrick LaHue is a numbers guy, but when you’re an Economics major, that’s not much of a surprise. Achieving tangible goals and affecting positive change in his community are two of the things LaHue likes most about his job as a Business Development Specialist in the Kansas City Office of BranchPattern.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping our customers find solutions to their problems and achieving their goals. It’s also rewarding to know that our efforts are having a positive impact on the city we live in and the people we share it with.”

When people are at the core of everything you think, create and do, as a company you can do some incredible things. That’s what BranchPattern employees are doing every day as they live out the purpose of Improving Life through Better Built Environments.

Regarding that purpose, LaHue says, “BranchPattern has provided me with the opportunity to represent a company that is completely genuine in its purpose of improving peoples’ lives…implementing smart, sustainable practices that not only make financial sense for our clients, but also have a positive impact on our natural environment and the built environment where we spend most of our lives [is what improving lives means to me].”

The world of business can be unfriendly, but, luckily, Patrick’s experience in this industry does not fit that ideal.

“I’ve received a lot of help and guidance from my peers at other companies within the industry. Many of these people had nothing to gain by helping me, and some could even be considered competitors. I’ve never been involved in an industry where there’s so much camaraderie.”

What inspires this businessman to take on the world everyday? He says, “I’m inspired by my kids and the challenge to provide and preserve the best possible life for them.”