M.E. GROUP Announces Rebrand to BranchPattern

The new brand reinforces the company’s commitment to people and the environment and serves as an opportunity to remain unique in the marketplace.

Overland Park, KS – (August 8, 2018) M.E. GROUP, Inc., a leading national building consultancy, recently announced the business’ rebrand to BranchPattern, Inc. The comprehensive rebrand elevates the focus on creating better built environments through their many interwoven specialisms and includes a new logo, positioning, and website.

BranchPattern’s belief that true sustainability sits at the intersection of human experience and environmental stewardship is deeply rooted in nature. BranchPattern will continue to provide engineering, technology and acoustics, building science and energy and ecology; helping to improve the lives of people and the environment, one building at a time.

BranchPattern’s new branding further enables the company to stand out, not only within the AEC industry, but also within the ever-growing Green Building industry. Architects, Engineers and Owners alike will enjoy the ease-of-use of BranchPattern’s 14 interwoven specialisms; each able to stand on their own or combined to best meet an owner’s unique project requirements.

“We knew we needed a brand that better represented the building consultancy work that we do and the reasons we do it,” said Rick Maniktala, President. “We took this opportunity to rethink not just our name, but our entire brand. We are proud to be ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry, and our new brand identity as BranchPattern will now illustrate just how far our company has come.”

The BranchPattern logo brings a sharp new visual identity, characterizing the brand as bold, smart, effective, and original. BranchPattern’s emphasis on providing built environments that satisfy our psychological and physical needs, and reduces our ecological footprint is reflected in the company’s new tagline, “Improving Life through Better Built Environments.” This language speaks to the core belief that in a vast, ever-changing, and complex building landscape, BranchPattern can fully cater to customers by making it easier for them to achieve their high-performing building goals.

Please visit www.branchpattern.com to explore the new website and learn more about our specialisms.  Educational content located in perspectives, includes white papers and blog posts regarding the latest news and technology in the industry, generating discussion about trends and new ideas.  Visitors can also connect with BranchPattern on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About BranchPattern
BranchPattern is a building consultancy dedicated to creating better built environments through many interwoven specialisms. Our beliefs are rooted in nature which has taught us that true sustainability sits at the intersection of human experience and environmental stewardship. We remain committed to our roots in sustainability and are excited to shift the focus to people with our unique Human-Centered Design approach. Everything we do and why we do it is guided by our longstanding purpose of Improving Life through Better Built Environments.

Creating truly high-performing buildings is complex, but we believe that it shouldn’t feel that way for our customers. Our specialisms within the practices of Building Science, Energy + Ecology, Technology + Acoustics and Engineering, are led, and supported, from start to finish by our team of progressive experts in the fields of engineering, architecture, social science, testing and analytics.  For more information, please visit www.branchpattern.com.