Pairs for a Pair: Creating A Viable Footprint

In 2020, we’ve decided to up our sock game. We’ve asked ourselves, WHAT IF?  What if we can do more?  What if others can benefit from our socks?

In eight years, a following was created with #sockselfies, engineers shared tips for putting on socks ‘correctly’, and we’ve even described why people who wear crazy socks are creative and innovative. What have proven to be successful promotions are now seen as an opportunity to give back to the communities where we reside. Every year, employees at BranchPattern distribute hundreds of pairs of branded socks to our customers and partners. As a people-first company, BranchPattern had a desire to do more; to go beyond a basic promotion.

Square Feet

That’s why we developed SQUARE FEET: Pairs for a Pair, Sock Donation Program. For every pair of promotional socks that we share, two pairs of black cotton socks are donated to an organization that provides assistance and support to homeless citizens in our communities.   

BranchPattern has long measured success by how our building designs impact lives.  We tell ourselves, “If occupants are comfortable, healthy and secure, we have done our job.”  The impact we’ve made on the lives of our customers and those they serve is something we are proud of, but we can always do more.


Why Socks?

According to, socks are the most requested item in shelters across the country. Many homeless people walk miles per day in order to survive, leaving their socks threadbare and damp. Socks are the first personal item to quickly wear out and are frequently filthy due to being exposed to the elements and lack of adequate laundry facilities. Quality, black cotton socks help fight this insecurity and restore dignity.

BranchPattern’s long-standing purpose of Improving Life through Better Built Environments® is powerful and it inspires us daily to design better buildings for people to inhabit and utilize.  But, we are also inspired by the idea that we can improve the lives of people beyond the footprints of the projects we design. The SQUARE FEET program is one small step we can take toward addressing individuals in our communities, who, for a variety of reasons are ‘building insecure’.  These individuals can include victims of domestic abuse, under-served children and the homeless.

How can You Help?

If you already have a pair of our 2020 Edition socks. Awesome! Thank you for working with our team and helping to support Square Feet. If you don’t have our latest sock style, and you would like to be a part of the SQUARE FEET program, please get in touch with one of our team members. We love connecting with people, building relationships and discovering ways our teams can Improve Life, together… and we’ll bring a pair of socks for you.