Reflections from our 2018 Summer Interns

Summer interns reflect on their time at BranchPattern

BranchPattern would like to extend a sincere “Thank you!” to each 2018 summer intern who joined our team this year. Each summer intern experienced hands-on work with our engineers with real industry software. You attended our the National Meeting in Kansas City. Not to mention all the memories you made in each of our offices. We hope you enjoyed your experience. We know we did! We also hope you took something away to use in your future careers.

Stefani Voorhees leads the BranchPattern summer intern program. Regarding this year she commented, “Watching our interns become so involved in what we do each day is great to see. We try to give each one a valuable experience. I think they would agree that their summer was full of learning and fun.”

Below, find reflections from four of the summer interns we hosted in 2018.

Michael Smith, Summer Intern
University of Kansas

Michael Smith_summer intern

Michael Smith, Summer Intern

“I came into this experience knowing very little. As a college student, I was new to design. However, I was eager to learn. The range of tasks along with the fun around the office were the highlights of my summer internship.

From my experience as a summer intern, I can now say I was part of designing three air force bases, seven libraries and one large animal hospital. The daily challenges and company culture made my internship exciting and unique. I didn’t think my internship would include Nerf darts flying across the office or going out to lunch with my boss to watch a World Cup Game, but that’s the culture of BranchPattern.

My advice to a future summer intern would be to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I met some very smart people this summer. However, they are the first ones to tell you that they still have a lot to learn. Be eager to learn from those around you every day. You’ll be surprised to see that those ‘experts’ are learning from you too.”

James Gormley, Summer Intern
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

James Gormley_summer intern

James Gormley, Summer Intern

“My summer internship at BranchPattern was a great experience. I worked with two new programs this summer, Revit and AutoCAD. While working in these programs, I was introduced to load calculations. With these skills, I learned the importance of proper pipe/duct sizing and proper equipment selection.

Being an engineer is more than designing systems. It’s the collaboration with people ranging from owner to contractor to other engineers. Collaboration helps ensure that systems will work throughout the project’s lifetime. The lesson of collaboration is one of the most important I’ve learned as a summer intern.

Along with the skills I’ve learned, the mentoring I received in the office was priceless. Many people gave me advice on both projects and my future career. Because of the mission to put people first, this mentoring is something that is naturally part of the BranchPattern culture. The mentality of putting people first affects every part of the work done at BranchPattern. This includes designs as well as interactions with coworker and partners. Cultures like this are what set good companies apart from great companies.”

Erika Hunzeker, Summer Intern
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Erika Hunzeker_summer intern

Erika Hunzeker, Summer Intern

“As a summer intern at BranchPattern I learned many different skills. I did everything from sizing ducts to picking up red lines to drawing schematics. I learned something on a daily basis, but everyone made me feel welcome too. They showed that kindness throughout the summer. My supervisor/mentor was approachable. I was never afraid to ask him how to do a task. He was always willing to help me out.

I chose to major in mechanical engineering because I want to help people. I want to make this world a better place. I feel like that is exactly what I did this summer. No matter what I was doing, whether it was sizing ducts or reading textbooks, I enjoyed the experience. As a summer intern I saw how BranchPattern is improving life. And I am so glad that I got to be a part of it. I hope that I can someday return to BranchPattern, and continue to make a difference.”

Jenna Kor, Summer Intern
Kansas State University

Jenna Kor_summer intern

Jenna Kor, Summer Intern

“This summer has been nothing but a fantastic experience. It’s been filled with community, energy, a lot of coffee and most importantly, learning. I came into this internship knowing next to nothing. However, I’ve built up an understanding that I feel confident about. I’m beyond grateful that was able to work with such experienced engineers in an accepting environment.

My favorite memories as a summer intern come from this company’s culture and community. Nerf wars were a daily occurrence. We also bet on the World Cup, and the loser had to complete a dare. From riding in Conner’s Jeep to riding in Rick’s driverless Tesla a few weeks later, every experience was memorable. But most significantly, going to the National Meeting. There, I was able to experience a company-wide conference and culture that you don’t necessarily see every day.

My advice to a future summer intern? BranchPattern has a people-first perspective, and that includes YOU. Make the most of it. Seek people out. If you don’t have a task or if you have a million questions, go ask someone! Every person in this company wants to help you out. Take advantage of that and learn as much as you can.”