BranchPattern’s CSR Report



BranchPattern Team


As a building consultancy, BranchPattern has helped dozens of clients with ESG strategies. Documenting, tracking, and reducing emissions across building portfolios for our clients is integral to our business. In 2023 we are committed to revving up our internal sustainability efforts, which have made significant progress since introducing our initial sustainability plan in 2010 and writing our first report in 2012. We have made year-over-year progress since these early iterations. This includes committing to track annual CSR progress starting in 2021 and crafting our first internal CSR report in 2022.

BranchPattern’s 2021 CSR report analyzed ESG data. It calculated scope emissions for the year resulting in a better understanding of gaps in our internal sustainability practices and creating an urgency for more aggressive ESG goals. With these insights, we identified our sustainability goals at BranchPattern as:


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We hope to increase diversity at our firm to reflect better the representation seen in STEM. We aim to take on a more prominent role in changing the racial and gender demographic of engineering, sustainability, and architectural fields to promote equity.


Sustainable Offices

Our Omaha, NE office, previously LEED Platinum Certified for New Construction, will obtain a Fitwel certification in 2022, and we plan to acquire green building certifications for our other office locations. In addition to certifications, BranchPattern intends to establish a green team and implement more sustainable practices within its offices.


Data Collection

Each of our offices will install IEQ monitoring devices. We aim to enforce more accurate and efficient data collection practices across additional metrics for our 2022 CSR reporting. We intend to use this new data collection process to improve and make positive impacts continually.

Carbon Reduction

After completing our first scope emissions calculations, we identified our largest emission sources, are working on the best practices to lower them, and are investing in meaningful off-sets. Our goal is to be a net-zero company.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We will incorporate the UN’s SDGs into all high-level and everyday decisions. This will be most notable in BranchPattern’s commitment to giving back to our planet and increasing investments in environmental initiatives.

We are fully committed to building a better BranchPattern for our planet and the community’s betterment.  As an ESOP Company, we operate transparently and report to our employee-owners on our performance and progress toward our sustainability goals.