Ken Hassett

Customer Relationships are # 1

Some say engineers are too focused on the math in their projects and less worried about the relationships with their clients, but at BranchPattern, that just isn’t true. Take Electrical Engineer Ken Hassett for example. His focus on ensuring that his clients are satisfied is unparalleled. Success for him is “when relationships are established through the process of a project.” That view of customer service is just one of the ways BranchPattern distinguishes itself as a business consultancy.

And it’s one of the reasons that Hassett has found success as an Associate Principal. He says, “customer service is being available and accountable to clients.  It’s as simple as that.” While some firms take the “one size fits all approach”, our engineers and building scientists harness the stories of our clients and embrace their unique characteristics to create a more tailored end-product.

The catch to doing things this way is that you must thoroughly know your clients; but that’s not overly difficult for someone like Hassett whose professional passion is “developing client relationships.” To cultivate that passion and maintain BranchPattern’s purpose of Improving Life through Better Built Environments, Ken consistently works to “provide an environment that improves people’s physical and mental health.”

Maintaining passion at work is only possible when personal goals can be maintained, and for Ken that means one thing: family time. He says, “Spending time with my family and being involved with my children’s activities and interests is my personal passion.”