Seven Benefits of Working with a WELL Performance Testing Agent

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As one of the newest WELL Performance Agents, BranchPattern team member, Andres Rodriquez-Burns (ARB), joins an elite group of Testing Agents worldwide, allowing him to provide official testing services for WELL Certification. Additionally, BranchPattern has earned the designation of WELL Performance Testing Organization and is one of the approved firms, worldwide, which can now work directly with clients to perform these testing services.

To make sense of how these designations will benefit those interested in WELL Certification™, Andres discusses seven benefits of working with a WELL Performance Testing Agent:

Q1: Let’s start by setting the baseline. How does being a WELL Performance Testing Agent differ from being a WELL AP?

ARB: A WELL PERFORMANCE TESTING AGENT is an individual who has successfully completed the training and educational component required to perform the testing protocols designated by the Performance Verification Guidelines in the WELL Building Standard.

On the other hand, a WELL AP is an accredited individual who has demonstrated basic knowledge of the process, feature requirements, and overall health outcomes of the WELL Building Standard.

One could make the comparison that a WELL Performance Testing Agent is similar to a LEED® Reviewer and a WELL AP is similar to a LEED AP.

Q2: Why is it important for BranchPattern to have a WELL Performance Testing Agent on staff, plus for our firm to be designated as a WELL Performance Testing Organization?

ARB: Having a WELL Performance Testing Agent on staff means that BranchPattern has a representative who serves as a trained point-of-contact between WELL, BranchPattern and the client pursuing WELL Certification. This role, typically fulfilled by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), is crucial to the process of project certification.

Being a designated WELL Performance Testing Organization allows BranchPattern to act as a third-party body and engage directly with project teams to procure pricing, services, and submittal documentation necessary for certification. This designation also has the added benefit of giving BranchPattern a leg up on their own WELL prime projects.

By knowing the requirements, processes and protocols of the performance testing in advance, we can offer more in-depth consulting services which sets projects up for success during their testing period. BranchPattern can also offer pre-testing services which will mirror the final performance testing services, offering more certainty around testing results.

Q3: A WELL ESTIMATE REQUEST FORM is provided on Why is completing this form an important first step in helping clients start their WELL Certification journey?

ARB: By offering this form, BranchPattern has streamlined the process of procuring a quote for testing services. This form helps our team gather the necessary information to provide accurate quotes and formulate proposals quickly, in turn aiding project teams in their decision to pursue WELL.

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Q4: What is BranchPattern’s experience with helping clients achieve WELL Certification?

ARB: BranchPattern has engaged in more than a dozen projects pursuing WELL Certification. We were the WELL Consultants and performed Pre-Testing on the Prologis Park Tacoma, Building D project, the first WELL Certified™ logistics real-estate property in the world. BranchPattern’s suite of services has included Pre-Testing and IEQ testing for many years prior to becoming an approved Testing Organization so we have perfected this service.

Q5: How do clients benefit by working with BranchPattern?

ARB: Offering these testing services in a timely manner and at a lower premium is an immediate benefit to our clients. Our central location in the country is also an advantage, making travel and transportation much easier. With regional locations around the country, we have streamlined our logistics, allocating staff and resources as appropriate.

Q6: How will WELL Performance Testing ensure the wellness of building occupants now and in the future?

ARB: BranchPattern’s status as a WELL Performance Testing Organization ensures continual commitment to IEQ testing and performance-based verification of the spaces we create. Our team sees many benefits of validating a building’s design and construction via post-occupancy evaluations and testing. As we place people at the center of everything we do, we know that these evaluations are one of the best ways to ensure the building is operating at optimal levels for the occupants inside.

Q7: How can someone connect with you to continue a conversation about WELL Certification?

ARB: If anyone is interested in more information, has questions or would like to explore WELL Certification further, please reach out to me via phone or email. I would even be happy to chat about a current or prospective WELL Project; whether you need assistance in incorporating WELL into your project, are making a case for health and wellness, or have a WELL project which requires performance testing, I’m happy to engage with you to help you meet your goals.

If you’re ready to get a project started, fill out our WELL Estimate Request Form. Or connect with Andres.